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Beta Marine NZ

  Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Single Lever Control Head


Side mounting, for controlling engine speed and gearbox selection.

Control Cables


To suit the ‘single lever control head’. These are available in various lengths.

R&D Flexible Coupling


An R&D flexible disc that is supplied as standard with our ‘Small Engine Range’. The couplings are made from a polyester elastomer which is not affected by salt water, diesel and lubrication fluids.

R&D Clamp Coupling


Suitable for clamping onto your propeller shaft and fitting to the R&D flexible disc. These are supplied pilot bored and can be machined to suit your existing prop shaft.

Sound Deadening Material


38mm thick including a layer of dense material (5kg/m2 polymeric barrier) and metalised surface finish stopping absorption of oil.



Small and medium sized Waterlocks. Small fits hose sizes 1.5", 1.75", and 2". Medium will fit hose sizes 2.5" and 3".